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What're Threads?

Wearing cool clothes isn't just for swag in this game- well. It is- but here, they can buff your stats and can sometimes provide perks and abilities! Threads in this game are always associated with a brand, with each brand specializing in their own kinda clothes.


i'm gonna list off every clothing item for each brand!... eventually!

Walking around in clothes like these'll make people think you're a protag or something. They specialize in modern, sporty, urban threads.

You'll be the cutest thing on the block in these kawaisa clothes. They specialize in brightly patterned, colorful, cute threads.

When stuff looks *this* good; you can afford to pamper yourself a little. They specialize in expensive, luxurious, high class designs.

Sometimes you have to shed some skin, and embrace the dated. They specialize in hip, throwback, 70's style threads.

Addorning these flowy, iconic threads will make you pop out in the city! The specialize in distinct, chinese clothing.

All eyes will be on you in such extravagant, frilly, threads. They specialize in gothic lolita fashion.

Go retro and raunchy with a rocking flair! They specialize in punk and rocker gear.

A sexy look for a sturdy performance! They specialize in the clubbish look of studs, sparkles, rhinestones, satin, and leather.

Practical, adaptive clothes that welcome any beginner to fashion. They specialize in humble, simple, affordable threads.

It takes more than just good threads to make it on the streets, you'll need courage, too. They specialize in loud, hip-hop and skater styled gear.

Keeping it cute and simple, not unlike a puppy. They specialize in pastels, and simple patterned clothes.

Something to put a little bit of gaudy sparkle in your step. They specialize in flashy jewelry and accessories.

This mysterious brand covers elusive, powerful gear found nowhere else.

Hey... Where did these even COME from? They're unbranded!