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Stats and Pin Points

This section will basically explain how your Attack, Defense, Level, Bravery, Sync rate, Health Points, Pin Points, and Drop Rate stats work, and ways you can raise them.


Attack affects how much damage your attacks and psychs will do to the noise.

Defense affects much damage attacks from the noise will do to you.

Bravery determines whether or not a character is willing to wear certain Threads; it takes a lot of bravery to pull off certain fashion choices. You can raise Bravery by leveling up, eating food, and Mingling with other players.

Health Points (HP) is how much health you have, which is determined by your Level.

Sync Rate affects how big the time-window is for passing the Light Puck, how you perform in previous battles, and what foods you eat determine this.

Drop Rate is the chance that noise will drop a Pin; lower your Set Level to raise this chance for certain noise, or eat certain foods, use certain pins, or get into chain-battles to raise the Drop Rate.


You've got two levels; your Maximum Level and your Set Level. Think of it like a difficulty setting! Your Maximum Level grows as you gain EXP through battles, and can be changed to a Set Level for more or less difficulty by increasing or decreasing your Health.

Pin Points

Pin Points (PP) [Yeah, PP, laugh it up.], is the measurement that pins use to level up, grow stronger, and evolve into different pins. There's several different types of PP.

Battle PP (BBP) is earned through battles; how well you perform in battles determines how much you get.

Shutdown PP (SDPP) is earned when you save the game and shut it down for a while. You can earn SDPP this way for up to seven (7) days of shut-down time; it's a good reward for when you haven't been able to pick up the game in the while.

Mingle PP (MPP) is earned when using Mingle Mode or Tin Pin Slammer with other players.