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Gameplay Mechanics

Info about general stuff like how combat works, "Mingle Mode", "Friendship Gauge", and quests. I'll go more in-depth and add funky pictures eventually.


As an Action-RPG series, it's all about the combat experience, baby!

On the DS, you will be controlling two fighters at once on the bottom-screen and top-screen; Neku will be fighting on the bottom-screen, with your Partner being on the top-screen. You both share HP, so if one of you dies- you both die!

On the top-screen, your partner fights and dodges using the D-PAD or ABXY buttons; use whatever is more comfortable for your hands. They will perform attacks through combos, or button combinations. I'll actually write down what these are for each Partner later.

On the bottom-screen, Neku can be moved by dragging him around, and can dash and dodge too- if you move him fast enough. Different Pins will have you attack in different ways with different psychs through the touch-screen. Sometimes you'll scratch enemies, circle them, swipe up, tapping; all of these movements depend on the Pin's psych you're using.

You and your Parnet will pass a Light Puck back and forth, which symbolizes your teamwork; whoever is holding the puck is given an attack boost! Whenever you pass the Light Puck after doing a strong finishing move, its power-boosting ability will be increased depending on how quickly you pass it over.

Friendship Gauge

The Friendship Gauge (FSG) is the measurement of how much a shopkeeper likes you!- Well, some of them still won't like you even if you raise the FSG all the way; them's the breaks. Your FSG is different for each shopkeeper, and buying stuff from them raises the FSG. Raise it enough, and you can unlock unique Threads and Quests from a shopkeeper.


When you get a quest from a shopkeeper after raising the FSG enough, this means they'll want a certain Pin or Item from you. When you give them these materials, they'll give you a unique Thread or Item in return that you couldn't get anywhere else, and the best part? As long as you have the right materials, you can keep trading them in for more Quest items!

Mingle Mode

In this mode, you can interact with other TWEWY players by exchanging ESP contacts through wireless communication. You'll get some Bravery, 50 MPP, and you can buy some of the Pins and Threads they're wearing!

If you don't know anybody who also plays TWEWY, that's okay. You can also receive ESP contacts known as "Civvies", which are from DS players who use wireless communication, but aren't playing TWEWY. You'll gain 3 to 20 PP from these encounters.

If you don't have any friends at all, that's fine. Whenever in Mingle Mode, there is a random chance to receive an ESP contact through an "Alien", which provides 100 MPP without the need for wireless communication, and always has a mysterious name.