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Paw'd is a fun, odd, little MMO that runs in a desktop flash client now-a-days (due to the assassination of web-flash-players).

You play as a small wolf?... Dog?... Cat?... It's really unclear; but *this* is me in-game!

yo, aren't i a cute pirate?

The goal is simple, really. Travel the world! Fight grand beasts in massive, delving dungeons! Succumb to demons! Make 100 tacos!
Die a whole bunch! Dress up and self-destruct for fun!... Wait, what was the goal again?
Eh! We make our own fun when the devs stop updating the game, but leave the servers up!

You can fill the roles of a Warrior, a Priest, a Mage... and if you're willing to trek through a butt-load of late-game quests, a Hunter!

My Screenshots!

Me and my old guild (The Nightfall Pirates) wailing on a training dummy in front of Schwartzwald Castle!

An NPC, Danae, has shown up unexpectedly before a final boss. This was because it was somebody's first time running this dungeon! (It was me, lol)

A glitch I encountered where a giant venus fly trap had stunned everybody *except* me, and stopped attacking entirely. This plant's my buddy now.

I was just appretiating how these two red herbs had randomly spawned on top of this dirt patch! (They usually do not do that!)

OBJECTION! One Ashaya village quest-line has a random, one-time, Ace Attorney reference that you will only get to see ONCE per character!

My first time seeing a skeleton. I was surprised!

Somebody, I'm assuming a mod, had changed Jenny's name to Tweek- along with changing her fur to be pink.

Useful Spreedsheet with Guides, Maps, Music, and more!

Created by Paw'd user LocalGuest, this spread sheet has LOTS of good info for any new-time and old-time players to Paw'd!

If what I've shown and explained to you sounds interesting... Maybe we could go adventuring together sometime!
You could even go play it now, if you dare!