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date: 11/19/2022 - dear diary: early b-day outting!

My birthday isn't until the 29th, but since me and my best friends could only get together on Saturday, we decided to just celebrate my birthday then and there! On the drive up to the mall, I got a cool kirby hat, and cute little kirby figures as b-day gifts! I lost my literal shit!!! So then when we got up there, we went up to get lunch at the mall again, and we looked at some movies we could see up at the cinema. Out of all the options, the fact that they were only showing Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile ONCE commpared to the multiple showings of other films going made me go "oh... so they don't have any faith in this live action CGI movie to show it more than once, huh... let's go see it!" and. Well. If you look for the movie in my "movie review" page, you'll hear my thoughts on it!- I liked it more than I thought I would. After the movie, we went back to a friend's house, where I helped to hack their 3DS! They weren't lying. It's incredibly easy to jailbrack the 3DS. Go do it. Now.

date: 11/8/2022 - dear diary: dreaming of electric sheep!

I had a weird dream last night. I dreamt I was on neocities- browsing! Must be all of the coding M've been doing over the weekend getting to me. So! In this dream, I saw this strange trend going on- which already doesn't make sense, because nobody actually follows trends on neocities; everybody just does whatever they want.. Second of all, this trend was something along the lines of "scare stickers", where people were making and collecting stickers representing fears from eachother to display on their websites. Some of the fears were more general like "fear of the ocean, fear of spiders, fear of many eyes, fear of heights", but some of them were getting weirdly specific- like "fear of having to stop at a gas station at 2 am on a long road trip in the middle of nowhere and the gas station clerk is actualy a werewolf, fear of being dragged under your bed and turned into meat mush by the boogeyman, fear of getting jumpscared on roblox, fear of dinosaurs coming back to life from extinction and crushing my house"! I feel like many of them were just made for fun, but I remember some people stating that they took these stickers seriously. Strange dream, I better not be predicting anything.

date: 11/1/2022 - dear diary: halloween was fun!

Last night, I went trick-or-treating! I went wearing a golden skull mask, and wore some paper claws I made. A lot of people complimented my claws, and I'm glad- even if it only took me a couple of minutes to fold them. I felt bad sometimes, because little toddlers who I walked past on the shrouded streets got really scared and wide-eyed at my mask. I tried to avoid them, because I didn't wanna ruin their fun night out with their parents.
Also! Also! It's November now! My 20th birthday's on the 29th this month, and my mom asked me that same question she always asks every year: "How do you feel now that you're turning X?" And each year, I always say: "I feel the same!" I don't know how people can feel different from just one year. It usually takes me a few years to feel that I've changed if nothing signifigant happened in one year. Everybody at work knows about my birthday, too, they tease like oooooh! gonna drink next year hmm? hehe! And I dunno. Alcohol smells bad. I might try some of the juiced up eggnog next year though- actually. I'm realizing that because I still look like some 13 year old, I'm probably going to get asked for my ID if I ever buy anything like that until I'm 30. Oh well! I have a lot to do this month, too- so who knows what I'll be up to on here. I'm thinking of setting up a records page, where I can set up music to listen to.

date: 10/28/2022 - dear diary: site planning!

I'm planning, scheming, moulding... I'm thinking that the only truly "unfinished" part now of my webbed site would be the shrine pages, and I am mostly just thinking of how I would want these to look... do I want the shrines to just be me gushing about the things I like with funny gifs and images? Do I want them to be pages that mimic the original media's styles while showing cool trivia and interesting things about the game? If I make them mimic the style of the game I like, I'll have to figure out a way to finn-daggle with teh CSS until it is just they way I like it all over again. I'm thinking of starting with the Nintendogs shrine, and maybe making it a nice notebook brown for the boxes and backdrop maybe; cute doggy gifs and Nintendogs lore all over the place. The backflipping dog gif will be there too, obviously.

date: 10/2/2022 - dear diary: pumpkin festival part 2!

I went to the second day of the pumpkin festival, with my friends this time! Going to an event is a lot more fun with others than it is alone. The car show's 2nd round happened, and the truck I voted for didn't win :(... but the finalists looked promising!- I voted for this ratty little buggy with flame decals all over it. I got to try the oreo pie...! Or so I thought. I asked for "The Extreme Deep-Fried Oreo", and got literal deep fried oreos instead of the pie; I didn't feel like telling them to make me the right thing so I just ate them instead- very tasty! I stopped at this ceramic stable to buy and paint a little ceramic of two mice sleeping. Two mimir. I got wooden swords, and dueled with my friends! The last thing we did was watch the parade, where they threw candy at us. Fun time over all, I can't wait to do the exact same thing next year!

date: 10/1/2022 - dear diary: pumpkin festival!

Diary, this is the first time I get to share about the annual pumpkin festival! Today, I went to the pumpkin festival, and I'm going to the 2nd day of it tomorrow! I wasted ALL of my money on craft goods, stuffed animals, pins, and poorly food made with love- very worth it! I saw pumpkin-smashing! I saw old ladies battle it out in the apple-peeling and pie-eating contests! I voted in the car-show, where old and funky cars see which one is the coolest and most popular vote- I voted for this cute ochre truck I saw. It was getting too chilly for me though, so I didn't get to try the fried oreo pie thing before I left. Tomorrow though, I'm after that pie! I'll tell you what happened tomorrow, diary.

date: 8/31/2022 - dear diary: summer ends!

Aaaah, it's been 3 months or so since I've started this website in June, and the summer is ending. Our first fall on Neocities is upon us, and I already have a lot to reflect on and look forward to. First off- Splatoon 3?!- In less than two weeks!! I was on team scissors during the test-fire, because I'm not immune to Big Man! (I'm thinking of making simple stamps for the idols, I like Deep cut that much!) I gotta say, man- I hope they balance out the tri-color battle clout calculation; it's an exceution for the team on the defending end!- I should know as a big man stan! Very excited for the release, I can't wait to be able to buy fresh clothes and go nuts in the story mode. In other news, I'm now on my 2nd year of college! Crazy how time works. I'm looking forward to the weather becoming cold and dry again, I just really like winter. It's my favorite season, but fall is an amazing bridge between the two. HALLOWEEN IS UPON US.

date: 8/15/2022 - dear diary: moderneopets time!

i've got a moderneopets account now! i know there's not much on there, but it's nice to be there and see what'll be there someday in the future. i have a green gelert named beef stew, and i love him very much!
feel free to say hi on my profile there, too!

date: 8/12/2022 - dear diary: lots of stuff i'm looking forward to!

long time no see, diary! kind of forgot. but i'm soooo excited this month, for sooo many reasons. First, Splatoon 3?! I saw the direct yesterday, and last night- I was so excited about the game that I already dreamt I was playing it! I was in the lobby, with the little hologram ghosts of my buddies, waiting to play a match. This month, I'm also going to try and sign up for that "Modern Neopets" thing on the 15th this month. I even marked it on my calander, so I WON'T forget! Artfight went pretty well, too. I just drew a few attacks, I couldn't keep up the pace as much as I thought I could. Seriously- I saw an artist whose goal was to make 90 attacks on others?! The dedication... Right now, I'm really excited for the world premiere splatevent on the 27th.

date: 6/30/2022 - dear diary: artfight is tomorrow!

tomorrow is july, which means artfight is here! i've been working on oc refs and gathering bookmarks for a while, and i'm thinking of linking my artfight on this site, too- incase anybody ever gets curious. i'm gonna be a force to be reckoned with in july, i'd like to draw a lot of characters.

date: 6/6/2022 - dear diary: nuts!

Today at work, I was called over to look at the most hilarious problem I've seen happen to a car; the engine, both air filter compartments, and behind the bumper were all completely buried or filled with nuts. No wonder the thing was barely running! I had been asked to vacuum all of them out, and I noticed that most of them were empty; this would mean that the animal responsible had already eaten the inside of the nuts, and left them in the car- like some kind of trash can! The audacity!

date: 6/2/2022 - dear diary: watching a new anime

today, i have decided to stop using capitalization unless i feel like it in my journals. thog don't caare. I've started to watch this anime that's been recommended by my friend; the anime is called "To Your Eternity". i'm three episodes in, and man. man. i can't tell you everything i'm feeling yet, but a lot of it is intruige, and hype! i am about to be very annoying on purpose for the next several days of watching!

date: 6/1/2022 - dear diary: too hot!

It's been way too hot lately! It's been 90 degrees farenheit all week, and even me, the guy who is resistant to heat- is not immune to this many hot days in a row. I'm lucky my job lets me sit in several different air conditioned cars whenever I drive around, it helps to keep me cool. The fans are always blaring during this time of year, and it makes me happy to have headphones. It's also pride month! This means I am at my most powerful, as all of my stats are boosted by like. At LEAST two- and that's a lot for a shrimp like me.

date: 5/31/2022 - dear diary: actually set up this page!

that's it. Ɛ>

date: 5/22/2022 - dear diary: i went to cedar point for the first time!

I want to start this journal off with a good memory. Me and my best friends went to cedar point, and I think I understand why rollercoasters are a big thing now. The feeling of anticipation in line, the dreadful pit in your stomach as you're climbing higher, it's bonkers! The drops are probably the most interesting part; not gonna lie, my eyes welded themselves shut and I thought I had died! But obviously I'm fine. The strange sensation of weightlessness is something that's difficult to put into words. I want to say it felt like "vertigo", but that's a word for feeling dizziness rather than feeling like you are falling faster than gravity woud let you. Along with the main attraction of rollercoasters, I also got on a ferris wheel, cable cars, merry-go-rounds, and the food? Well-- the food there was alright, but I won't lie. The burger king we all had on the way back tasted better. The weather that day was real pleasant, too; 60's early on into 70's later. The drive to and from there is a big undertaking that I wouldn't do again so soon, but I can understand why people come to the theme park on a regular basis.