10/1/2023: new monthly poll!

9/16/2023: new manga review: Dungeon Meshi!

9/12/2023: new game review: Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure!
new monthly poll!

8/13/2023: new journal entry!
new movie review: Barbie (2023)!

8/10/2023: new journal entry! removed guestbook for now.

8/9/2023: fridge update

8/4/2023: moar stamps for the hoard

8/2/2023: new monthly poll! art information added to about page!

7/23/2023: new game review: Mario & Luigi: Bower's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey!

7/22/2023: new dog trivia: Italian Greyhound and Pug!

7/9/2023: new game review: Ghost Trick!
new manga review: Monotone Blue!

7/8/2023: new monthly poll! new journal entry!
new game review: Professor Layton and the Spectre's Call!

6/4/2023: new movie reviews: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-verse, and The Sea Beast!

6/1/2023: new monthly poll!

5/31/2023: new W.I.P. shrine; Zelda!

5/1/2023: new monthly poll!
new roblox screenshots!

4/12/2023: new dog trivia: Whippet and Charles Cavalier Spaniel!

4/8/2023: new movie review: Lupin the Third: Operation Return the Treasure!

4/3/2023: nabbed more stamps & buttons~
new journal entry!

4/2/2023: new monthly poll!

4/1/2023: april fools!

3/31/2023: new shrine: Paw'd!

3/23/2023: new journal entry!

3/23/2023: added 2 new dogs to index, the KEM-N0 and a Nintendog! ❤

3/21/2023: new jukebox section: Spring!

3/20/2023: first day of spring!
new game reviews: Hi-Fi Rush! YOMI HUSTLE!

3/3/2023: new monthly poll!

2/22/2023: new quiz result!

2/19/2023: new anime reviews: Kaiba (2008), Parasyte!

2/15/2023: new game review: Who's Lila?

2/14/2023: new journal entry! temporarily put hearts on index page. ❤

2/13/2023: new jukebox CD!

2/12/2023: new journal entry!

2/10/2023: 2 new movie reviews: Puss in Boots (2011), and Lupin the Third: Strange Psychokinetic Strategy!

2/6/2023: new sword trivia: Rapier!

2/5/2023: 3 new book reviews!

2/4/2023: reworked the about page!

2/3/2023: 2 new affiliates!

2/1/2023: new monthly poll!

1/17/2023: new dog trivia: Dalmation!

1/14/2023: new journal entry!

1/12/2023: new dog trivia: Papillon, English Pointer, and Beagle!

1/7/2023: new shrine: super mario!
new journal entry!

1/1/2023: happy new years! update log reset!
3 new movie reviews: Violent Night, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, Avatar: The Way of Water
new journal entry! new poll!

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