6/23/2022: new game review: TLOZ: Twilight Princess!
new game review: Yakuza 0!

6/19/2022: new dog trivia: the Borzoi!

6/13/2022: gave the site a new font!

6/11/2022: new sword trivia: The Kris!
updated about page!
added guestbook!

6/8/2022: new anime review: To Your Eternity (S1)
new anime review: Dog & Scissors!

6/7/2022: new backround: clouds!

6/6/2022: new journal entry!
added free graphics page!

6/5/2022: new anime review: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood!
new movie reviews: The Princess Bride / The Legend of Hei!

6/4/2022: new dog trivia: the Spanish Mastiff!

6/3/2022: new dog trivia: the Saint Bernard!

6/2/2022: new journal entry!

6/1/2022: new journal entry!
new game review : The World Ends With You!

5/31/2022: i made my journal page!

5/30/2022: i've added more stamps!
added the anime section in the review corner!

5/29/2022: worked out new containers!
i've added one of them "cboxes", too!

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